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The Forward Purchase Agreement and the Oud Asset Agreement, Alternative Twins!

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Alwyni International Capital


Our potential business partners paid us a visit today at Treedom Thailand. We hope Alwyni International Capital will sell our Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) and Oud Asset Agreement (OAA) investment plans on behalf of Treedom in Indonesia. Aulia Firadus is a Shariah specialist and will share his expert knowledge to support our OAA. IMG_7774

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Treedom is proud to offer the new e-Market – the first in the industry to offer a market place to buy and sell Treedom packages.


BANGKOK, THAILAND — Treedom’s secondary market will be known as the ‘e-Market’ and will allow current investors to liquidate their stock easily should they need to. Instead of holding investments, sellers will now be given the opportunity to place them on the e-Market. New investors will also be able to use the platform to buy stock with a shorter investment time. As the service is online, the e-Market will save its users valuable time and offer a quick and efficient service.

How it works

How it works

The e-Market is incredibly user friendly and can be accessed through the services navigation on the website. Users will simply need their login details provided by Treedom and are free to use the service.


The e-Market will allow users to liquidate current Treedom packages should they need to. The selling of a Treedom FPA or OAA packages is made quick and simple. Treedom will guide consumers through the process of submitting packages to be sold via the e-Market. For buyers, the process is just as straight forward, the available packages will be posted on the e-Market along with the price and number of trees within the package.


This e-Market is the first in the industry and Treedom is pleased to give access to all of its TD36 international customers, happy shopping, Tree Bay!

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The University Savings Plan

What typical education expenses need covering?

  • Tuition fees (Average cost to send a child to a US University today is USD 128,000) source US Department of Education
  • Living and accommodation expenses
  • Books and other study materials
  • Society and other membership costs
  • Travel to and from family home (Possible international flights)

So, what is the solution?

Treedom University Savings Plan, by putting in place an effective, tax efficient, wealth accumulation Treedom University savings plan you can address all the dreams and aspirations that you have for your children, with a much greater level of ease.


- See more at:

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‘Advancing the sustainable development of a world class Islamic economy’


The Oud Asset Agreement is a High Yield Shari’-ah Compliant Impact Savings Plan where clients are invited to purchase parcels of feedstock, which will ultimately be used to produce the much sought after luxury aromatic Oud oil. The Oud Asset Agreement package has long been embraced in Europe and Asia in the name of ‘Forward Purchase Agreement’ with over 2,000 clients in this region. The Oud Asset Agreement can provide you with profits from 20% per year, depending on the size of feedstock package you buy. The feedstock packages are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the client’s budget.


Treedom Factory

Treedom Factory

Once feedstock maturity is reached, Treedom will then process the tree through to oud oil. Treedom will distribute the oil to global fragrance manufacturers and perfume houses. Treedom already boasts supply contracts with many of the largest perfume and cosmetics producers throughout the world.


Treedom Wholesale Oil

Treedom Wholesale Oil

The Shari’-ah High Yield Impact Savings Plan is backed up by years of data, facts and tried and tested best practices that have been refined by Treedom, to produce a much sought after product, renowned for its quality.


Treedom’s Shari’ah activities are conducted in accordance with Shari’-ah guidelines under the Fatawa, supervision and guidance of Shari’-ah Review Board and Shari’ah Scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad who are specialists in Islamic economic and Shari’-ah transactions. The Oud Asset Agreement is certified by Shari’ah Review Bureau with a Certificate No: TDM-214-01-01-01-14

 Shariah Certificate

Treedom will be attending IFN Forum Global Dubai from the 15th – 16th of September at Booth 4, Ballroom, Level 4, Conrad, Dubai. 1. This is a largest global Islamic financial forum in collaboration with the Dubai Economic Council, Dubai Government and other key regulators highlighting the development of the global Islamic Financial Industry. Dubai is known as the strategic financial hub to all key markets of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Treedom will be introducing the Oud Asset Agreement to these financial professionals and practitioners.


Treedom will be continuing their successes by expanding this product to the Middle East. For more information please visit:


Treedom Nursery

Treedom Nursery



  • END -


For further information:


Sophie Williams
International PR and Communications Coordinator
T: +66 2259 6455



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What could be more important than equipping your children with the very best prospects for life?

Parents and Kids Expo 2014 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 (Bernama-BUSINESS WIRE)– Treedom – a luxury aromatic Oud oil manufacturer and supplier to the global fragrance and perfume markets in South East Asia – will be attending the Parents and Kids Expo in Kuala Lumpur for a period of three days from the 29th – 31st of August 2014 at booth B090, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and will be showcasing their fantastic new “University Savings Plan” with the chance to sign up at the show.

Treedom currently offers a high yield impact saving plan named Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) with over 9 years of proven track record in Thailand where clients are invited to purchase a parcel of feedstock supplies from Treedom and Treedom guarantees to buy them back at a higher price at the end of an agreed period of time. In addition, University Savings Plan is an effective, tax efficient and wealth accumulation product that will help you plan for the future of your child or grandchild with the return of up to 24% per annum. The University Savings Plan will allow you to address all the dreams and aspirations that you have for your children by purchasing our simple saving programme.
The cost of sending your child to University can be overwhelming, with an average of $128,000 in tuition fees alone. Treedom aims to alleviate this stress by offering the saving plan. Treedom will be offering the University Savings Plan at booth B090 of the Parents and Kids Expo. Any client who purchases 8,925 USD or more will receive a selection of free gifts including a Mac Book Air, an iPad Air and free cash back all exclusively at the exhibition.

1400 茶树-咖啡木蠹蛾幼虫

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Aquilaria: In the Wild

The Aquilaria tree is a tropical softwood native to the South East Asia region found from India eastwards and is one of the most important sources of Agarwood.
When the Aquilaria tree species becomes infected, its defensive reaction produces the heartwood known as Agarwood. The amount Agarwood produced in the tree is a direct result of the antibodies within the tree known as Phinelic. If the Phinelic count in the tree is high, then very little black resin will be produced, as the tree is able fight off any infection much easier. This infection can occur naturally in the wild but only in a few trees and it is estimated that as few as 3 – 7 % of trees will become infected. Consequently, many trees are illegally logged in order to find the smaller number of infected trees, as it is difficult to know from the exterior if a tree is infected or not. For this reason Agarwood is perceived to be so rare and holds such a high price and value among the cultures that use it.

Zeuzera coffeae [fm]

Causes of Infection
Causes of infection within Aquilaria trees to enable the inducement of Agarwood can range from events such as; lightning strike, animal grazing, insect attack or microbial invasion. The most common cause of infection is from the *Red Coffee Caterpillar and moth (Scientific name: Zeuzera coffeae) and occurs when its larvae are laid in a hollow. The infection spreads on all sides slowly and gradually infecting a larger volume of wood.
Due to infection, oleoresins are accumulated in the infected wood, initially turning the white wood brown in colour. With the passage of time and the onset of the mold, the density of the infestation increases with the corresponding production of oleoresin, which becomes odoriferous – black in colour? In its natural habitat, the fungal infection can take as long as 50 years to develop the highest concentration of Agarwood.
In the wild, if the infection starts when the tree is 5 – 6 years old, then it is estimated it would need 10 years to produce sufficient commercial quantity of Oudh Oil. Without infection a century old tree may not bear any Agarwood at all.

*The Red Coffee Borer (Polyphagozerra coffeae) is a moth of the Cossidae family. It is found in the Oriental Region. Records from the Moluccas and New Guinea refer to Polyphagozerra reticulata, which was previously considered to be a synonym of P. coffeae.

The wingspan is 70–80 mm. Females are much larger and relatively rare. Adults have dark speckles on their wings. These are metallic greenish in females and metallic blue or black in males.
They bore into the stem or branches of their host plant.

BjiaXwsHull City AFC, The Tigers! #UTT

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Choosing the right CSRs as a component of market entry

This is an article written by my friend and colleague Dr Thiha FNU. Thiha originates from Myanmar and graduated from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in the field of Natural Resources Management. He has over 10 years of experience in the application of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) technologies in natural resources management Issues and has produced CSR programs for the PATT Foundation during his time in the Treedom Group.


Some argue that CSR is the right tool for business decision-makers to break into new markets. Agreed! There is a growing consensus about proven and unconfirmed benefits with leveraging CSR as a component of market entry.  In my point of view, choosing the right CSR that meets the real requirements of local communities is more important.

Business decision-makers will notice that doing CSR programs in emerging markets (Myanmar, for example) is not difficult as there exists many needy areas: education, micro-finance, maternal health care, rural energy you name it, but are those CSR activities being implemented by business companies fulfilling the real requirements of local communities without harming longstanding social, cultural and religious values? I doubt it!

For example, an expensively built bridge in a rural area may help improve the national infrastructure, as well as the image of business companies (it should be the goal though) but it may not help improve the livelihoods of the rural communities living nearby. CSRs without any proven social impacts does not sound like a right CSR!

Building a primary school as part of a CSR program might seem simple and direct to the business companies entering new markets, but it should be noted that it will surely need more support and further assistance in the future: curriculum development, teaching resources and availability of qualified teachers and so on.

Let’s talk about reducing carbon footprints by means of tree planting and aftercare as a CSR program, which is something we have been involved in (see With this overarching goal in mind, we may set up a target (to plant a million of trees by 2015, for example), but the charity’s ultimate mission—taking actions against climate change– shall never be compromised due to the cost element that is involved. Then how should this goal be achieved while such cost element is completely removed? See one of our previous blogs “Eco-Fusion: The next gen in CSR” which provides a strategic pathway to make CSR more productive and sustainable by combining it with the benefit of a commercial product.

iq8191d55ae7c104f2555b9524e9c24902 FEDEX Planting Trees as part of there CSR program with PATT

It is argued that CRS is not just social responsibility; it’s a political responsibility and legal responsibility as well. To me, broadening the scope of social responsibility may invite further discussion and lead to the revision of this management concept, which is primarily designed to address the social aspect only.  That being said, I prefer to stick with one thing at a time approach for now!

Regardless of the level of investment that you make, choosing the right CSRs needs to deliver intended social benefits to the local communities that you will make relationship with, otherwise it’s all just show.

Business man smiling giving thumbs up sign pointing to himself


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