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The Forward Purchase Agreement and the Oud Asset Agreement, Alternative Twins!

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The Treedom Group named as the #1 company exporter of Oud Oil from Thailand.

An independently conducted survey has been carried out by the National Institute of Development Administration of Thailand. The survey results have been collected into the first Industry report of its kind, the ‘Thailand’s Oud Oil Supply Industry Gauge”.

The Oud Oil Industry Gauge Report is based on a summary of interviews with senior executives of Thailand based Oud Oil industry companies. The Gauge further attempts to provide an overview of the current state and near-term prospects of the Thailand-based Oud Oil wholesale and retail supply to, in the main, the Middle East market and to the global perfume and fragrance markets.

The Gauge named the Treedom Group as the #1 company exporter of Oud Oil from Thailand. The Gauge further pointed out that The Treedom Group runs a ‘full business model’ (Nursery, raw material supply, manufacturer and sale company).

You can find the full article, by following this link: 

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Asia Plantation Thailand are Sorry


Thats right, you heard (read) it right… Asia Plantation Thailand are sorry! But what are they sorry for you ask? Well, this company went out of its way to use The Treedom Group’s marketing material and photos as their own. It went so far that they even used a photo of the Treedom Group’s CEO!

No point in me telling you all about it, have a read of the ‘apology’ here;


As we, Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited have used photographs of Treedom Thailand’s (or Asia Forestry Management being the previous company name) Directors, plantations and factory in our advertisements and PR in online public media or in television programs.

Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited and People Media Limited on behalf of those advertisement producers would like to clarify that all photos that appeared in the advertisements of Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited was a mistake of Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited production processes and may make people misunderstand that Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited and Treedom (Thailand)  (or Asia Forestry Management) are affiliated but in fact the companies are not related.

Further, Treedom Thailand Directors are not part of the Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited business and are not involved with Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited in any way.  Again the mistakes of Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited and People Media Limited have resulted in people receiving incorrect information.  We wish to advertise to make people understand in the correct way and we are pleased to thank Treedom (Thailand) Limited for understanding our mistakes and reaching a compromise.

Asia Plantation (Thailand) Limited

People Media Limited

The ‘Apology’ appeared in 5 news outlets in Thailand.

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Forestry Investments: Why Forestry?

Aquilaria Seeds

Aquilaria Seeds

By Dr. Andrew Steel, first published on his very own blog ‘Andy Steel – Social Entrepreneur’

Forestry as an investment asset class has long been held within the portfolios of institutional Investor and wealthy individuals. Today; Investors are paying closer attention to this unique asset class as a tool to optimise and diversify the performance of traditional equity portfolios. Despite the manageable risks, it’s a relatively safe and simple investment, just add sunlight and water and watch you asset grow. No downturns in markets to worry about.

In the current economic climate returns from banks are relatively low and funds per se attract annual management charges and thresholds on performance that also penalise the investor as he/she has to pay a higher percentage of his returns to the fund manager;

Forests in the UK have outperformed other asset classes over the past three years as funds seeking low risk investments have planted the Sitka spruce above the more traditional alternatives[1]. Total returns offered by investments in British forests reached 16.1 per cent on an average three-year annualised basis by the end of 2009, according to research by Investment Property Databank, the property industry’s benchmark provider. During this period, forestry outperformed UK equities, fixed income and commercial property which delivered returns of minus 1.3 per cent, 6.9 per cent and minus 8 per cent.

Hence, investors are reducing their exposure to volatile equity markets and other traded financial assets in favour of physical property assets that offer capital preservation, income generation and display a low, zero or negative correlation with financial markets. It also has a feel good factor that your investment is also helping the environment whilst earning you money.


Forestry Investment Basics

At the most basic level forestry investments involve the identification and acquisition of properties suitable for the cultivation of commercial timber species or that produce non-timber forest products. Rubber is a prime example of this as is Oud oil, a highly valuable commodity derived from Aquilaria trees. Higher returns are achievable if the estate is established as a green field operation rather than purchasing an existing asset.

There are three key drivers of investment returns to forestry investments;

  • §  biological tree growth
  • §  timber price appreciation
  • § lland price appreciation – if applicable

Returns are realised through the harvesting of trees in accordance with the forest management plan; either through the process of thinning or at the point of harvesting or in the case of rubber, tapping the trees at maturity.

Specific expertise is required in order to identify, acquire and manage timberlands, and Investors must consider that any direct investment in forestry assets is likely to involve partnerships with a range of counterparties with specific skill sets, from Land Agents to Forest Managers and Commercial Timber Agents. So choosing your forestry manager wisely is imperative. Look for a company that has a demonstrable track record and can prove sales into their relevant market.


Key Considerations for Timber Investors

There are a number of considerations for those approaching direct investments in physical properties. These include but are not limited to:

§  Topography

§  Soil quality

§  Local climate

§  Irrigation systems – proven to increase yields by 12-14%

§  Access to water for irrigation or significant rainfall in the area

§  Access to local forest management expertise and staffing

§  Access to local processing infrastructure

§  Harvesting and transport infrastructure – one of the major costs often overlooked

§  Security – not just of the physical asset but also the underlying land asset

§  Access to buyers and proven sales

§  Strong local (and possibly national) government

§  Access to expert legal advice

The ability to fund the on-going maintenance and development of the property

All of the above are essential elements in forming an effective timber investing strategy, and often investors do not consider that commercial plantations and forest concessions require regular cash inputs in order to sustain management, on-site infrastructure, interim harvesting, insurances and other associated costs.


Investment Opportunities in the Forestry Sector

There are a number of ways for Investors to access forestry; including direct investments in physical properties; investing in forestry funds (both private and publicly listed), and investing with Timber Investment Management Organisations (TIMOs).

Direct investments offer the best return profile but carry a greater risk associated with investing in a single property. A good example of a direct investment is the Oud Asset Agreement

Forestry funds allow Investors to spread their capital across a portfolio of properties, adding diversity and reducing individual property risk. TIMOs allow those with large amounts of capital to invest directly in larger timber properties, which are managed on behalf of the Investor by the TIMO. However additional fees are deducted for fund management where applicable

Forestry Investments Carry Risk

Despite being lauded as a low risk asset class, investing in timber properties does carry a unique set of risks that must be carefully considered by prospective Investors. Please be aware of potential issues such as fire/flood and the risk of disease in certain species. All of which should be adequately guarded and managed against by your forestry manager.


Timber has outperformed the vast majority of traditional financial assets over most timelines, Investors should be aware that this asset class requires a tremendous amount of industry skill and expertise in order to maximise returns and minimise risk and losses.

Investors should also consider that forest properties are by their very nature relatively illiquid, and whilst offering a high degree of capital security and superior long-term investment performance; one should not consider investing unless able to bear the economic risk of holding the investment for an extended period

For anyone interested in learning more about opportunities in the forestry sector please contact us

Visit Dr Steels’s blog to read some of his other stuff! Linky


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Alwyni International Capital


Our potential business partners paid us a visit today at Treedom Thailand. We hope Alwyni International Capital will sell our Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) and Oud Asset Agreement (OAA) investment plans on behalf of Treedom in Indonesia. Aulia Firadus is a Shariah specialist and will share his expert knowledge to support our OAA. IMG_7774

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Treedom is proud to offer the new e-Market – the first in the industry to offer a market place to buy and sell Treedom packages.


BANGKOK, THAILAND — Treedom’s secondary market will be known as the ‘e-Market’ and will allow current investors to liquidate their stock easily should they need to. Instead of holding investments, sellers will now be given the opportunity to place them on the e-Market. New investors will also be able to use the platform to buy stock with a shorter investment time. As the service is online, the e-Market will save its users valuable time and offer a quick and efficient service.

How it works

How it works

The e-Market is incredibly user friendly and can be accessed through the services navigation on the website. Users will simply need their login details provided by Treedom and are free to use the service.


The e-Market will allow users to liquidate current Treedom packages should they need to. The selling of a Treedom FPA or OAA packages is made quick and simple. Treedom will guide consumers through the process of submitting packages to be sold via the e-Market. For buyers, the process is just as straight forward, the available packages will be posted on the e-Market along with the price and number of trees within the package.


This e-Market is the first in the industry and Treedom is pleased to give access to all of its TD36 international customers, happy shopping, Tree Bay!

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The University Savings Plan

What typical education expenses need covering?

  • Tuition fees (Average cost to send a child to a US University today is USD 128,000) source US Department of Education
  • Living and accommodation expenses
  • Books and other study materials
  • Society and other membership costs
  • Travel to and from family home (Possible international flights)

So, what is the solution?

Treedom University Savings Plan, by putting in place an effective, tax efficient, wealth accumulation Treedom University savings plan you can address all the dreams and aspirations that you have for your children, with a much greater level of ease.


– See more at:

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‘Advancing the sustainable development of a world class Islamic economy’


The Oud Asset Agreement is a High Yield Shari’-ah Compliant Impact Savings Plan where clients are invited to purchase parcels of feedstock, which will ultimately be used to produce the much sought after luxury aromatic Oud oil. The Oud Asset Agreement package has long been embraced in Europe and Asia in the name of ‘Forward Purchase Agreement’ with over 2,000 clients in this region. The Oud Asset Agreement can provide you with profits from 20% per year, depending on the size of feedstock package you buy. The feedstock packages are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the client’s budget.


Treedom Factory

Treedom Factory

Once feedstock maturity is reached, Treedom will then process the tree through to oud oil. Treedom will distribute the oil to global fragrance manufacturers and perfume houses. Treedom already boasts supply contracts with many of the largest perfume and cosmetics producers throughout the world.


Treedom Wholesale Oil

Treedom Wholesale Oil

The Shari’-ah High Yield Impact Savings Plan is backed up by years of data, facts and tried and tested best practices that have been refined by Treedom, to produce a much sought after product, renowned for its quality.


Treedom’s Shari’ah activities are conducted in accordance with Shari’-ah guidelines under the Fatawa, supervision and guidance of Shari’-ah Review Board and Shari’ah Scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad who are specialists in Islamic economic and Shari’-ah transactions. The Oud Asset Agreement is certified by Shari’ah Review Bureau with a Certificate No: TDM-214-01-01-01-14

 Shariah Certificate

Treedom will be attending IFN Forum Global Dubai from the 15th – 16th of September at Booth 4, Ballroom, Level 4, Conrad, Dubai. 1. This is a largest global Islamic financial forum in collaboration with the Dubai Economic Council, Dubai Government and other key regulators highlighting the development of the global Islamic Financial Industry. Dubai is known as the strategic financial hub to all key markets of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Treedom will be introducing the Oud Asset Agreement to these financial professionals and practitioners.


Treedom will be continuing their successes by expanding this product to the Middle East. For more information please visit:


Treedom Nursery

Treedom Nursery



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For further information:


Sophie Williams
International PR and Communications Coordinator
T: +66 2259 6455




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