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The Forward Purchase Agreement and the Oud Asset Agreement, Alternative Twins!

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Trat province, where Treedom has its dedicated managed plantations, boasts a high soil quality. Hence, Trat has been identified as an optimum growing location for the feedstock supply from which is derived a high commercial value product — the luxury aromatic Oud Oil.

The managed plantations are dedicated to the growing of a single tree species — Agarwood — which represents the feedstock supply from which the Oud Oil is produced.

In the natural environment Agarwood can take many years to create the black resin from which the oil is obtained. Treedom, with its advanced patented technology, is able to stimulate the tree to produce the resin at an earlier stage in the cycle.

Treedom’s business plan addresses two fundamental concepts — sustainability and community.

1. Sustainability — Treedom’s dedicated managed plantations are on hand that has been used and neglected. Waste land now becomes useful again. And once the Agarwood produces the resin, it is harvested to produce the oil. However, the cycle does not end there — the land is replanted and the cycle commences once more.

Treedom can rightly claim that their business cycle protects the environment in all stages.

2. Community — by selecting rural land as the site for its plantations, Treedom brings employment to rural communities. Local people work on the plantations which allows them to remain in their communities.


Author: The Treedom Group

Antony is the International Business Development Manager for the Treedom Group, his current focus is the international sales for the both the Forward Purchase Agreement and Oud Asset Agreement. Antony currently deals with all overseas IFA's, Agents and Distributors, along with the development and distribution of new Agarwood investment products. A qualified UK financial Adviser, Antony has held a senior Financial sales position with HSBC and Mortgage Advice Bureau the largest mortgage and insurance brokerage in the UK. Antony is currently studying for an MBA in marketing with Edinburgh Business school and spent 16 years in the Royal Air Force.

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